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EarthKeepers Mission

To actively inform, encourage and galvanize the residents of St. Marys regarding matters of effective environmental stewardship.


* To work within the community to identify areas of environmental concern.
* To inform all members of the community as to the nature of these concerns and the planned approach to addressing them.
* To work closely with local, state and federal associations, agencies and groups in order that we may better affect positive environmental change.
* To plan and participate in special events and activities that celebrate and preserve the environmental quality of St. Marys. To promote result-oriented public-interest activism that protects and enhances the environment of St. Marys.


St. Marys Earthkeepers is a Georgia non-profit corporation governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and Corporation By Laws. The Board sets policy, recommends specific programs for committees and actively participates in the implementation of those programs and projects in accordance with the Mission Statement. The Board is authorized to raise funds through membership subscriptions from businesses, organizations and the general public in order to develop and administer said environmental programs. A schedule of membership subscriptions is available on our web site.





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