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Commercial Recycling

In today’s competitive market, more and more consumers are trending toward businesses that offer “that added something”. A positive community profile, pro-active responsibility and, increasingly, environmental sensitivity are becoming the standards by which our society measures a company.

As a sponsor of the St. Marys EarthKeepers, your business will be demonstrating its willingness to assume a leadership role in environmental stewardship. With the on-going media exposure that is available through the EarthKeepers (a high-profile local 501c3 organization) you will be sending a clear message of conscientiousness.

St. Marys is proving itself to be a community that cares deeply about the many eco-challenges that confront us. Now that we have implemented curbside recycling, our membership base is expanding rapidly and the “movement” is growing.

Your company can enjoy the benefits that are a direct result of leading-edge public relations: an expanded customer base, inclusion in our many press releases and web site and the knowledge that you are “doing the right thing”.

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