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The Beginning…
The St. Marys Earthkeepers is a grass-roots organization that was born of the love of our unique local environment. As are all such entities and organizations, St. Marys Earthkeepers genesis is found in the sharing of thoughts and ideas: a few environmentally conscious people who began to think deeply about the extraordinary natural beauties of our area and how best to preserve these fragile gifts.

The First Step…

One recent arrival to the city asked, “Why is there no curbside recycling program in St. Marys?” The answer: “It was thought of in the past but didn’t receive the necessary support”. The next question: “Why not try again?”
And thus it began – the formation of a small group of dedicated townspeople who embarked on a journey of research, meetings, public out-reach programs, community clean-ups, approaches to City Hall and editorial letters. This single-minded determination was richly rewarded, for one year later the residents of St. Marys proudly place their recycle bins by the curb each week. The compliance rate is astonishingly high, bearing testament to the conscientious and progressive nature of the people of our community.

Since that groundbreaking success, the St. Marys Earthkeepers have networked with a wide variety of national, state and local environmental initiatives so that we might more efficiently utilize their expertise and affect meaningful change in our area. These recognized groups, along with the invaluable support of our local schools, children’s programs and businesses, are now working together to create of St. Marys a community that demonstrates its mindful stewardship of our environment.

Having fully realized the rewards that are attainable when change is actively sought, the St. Marys Earthkeepers have solidified their organization and formalized their objectives.


The mission of St. Marys Earthkeepers is to enhance the quality of life in St. Marys, Georgia by fostering awareness of, and concern for, the environment of our community and the earth as a whole. With this mission as our guiding mandate we will work assiduously to create, promote and sustain programs that address a variety of existing and potential environmental concerns.


The vision of St. Marys Earthkeepers is to create a community that is sensitive to the needs of an increasingly threatened environment and will address these needs in a timely and effective manner.


* To work within the community to identify areas of environmental concern.
* To inform all members of the community as to the nature of these concerns and the planned approach to addressing them.
* To work closely with local, state and federal associations, agencies and groups in order that we may better affect positive environmental change.
* To plan and participate in special events and activities that celebrate and preserve the environmental quality of St. Marys.
* To promote result-oriented public-interest activism that protects and enhances the environment of St. Marys.




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